Dating apps have become mainstream these days, and we’re hearing more and more about [getty src=”183743429″ width=”507″ height=”338″ tld=”com”]

Step One: What kind of person am I looking for? You can tailor your photo to attract people with specific interests. For example, if you’re outdoorsy and looking for a partner with whom to hike, bike, or swim, the best way to express that is to use a picture in which you’re active. Couch potatoes who aren’t interested in being a part of your active lifestyle will likely pass. On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone with whom to go to museums and art galleries, choose a photo of you at a cultural institution.

Step Two: Do my photos reflect my personality? If you’re generally goofy and light-hearted, don’t be afraid to create a profile that has a lot of silly photos. And if you fall on the more serious side? Mix in a few standard photos or photos of you in a work setting (but a more natural one, not a mug shot). This signifies that you have fun but are down-to-earth—appealing to those who want someone with whom they can laugh as well as have real conversations. Most of us have lots of photos at bars and clubs. And if you’re a fun-loving partier, you should show off that side. But balance it out with other photos, too—after all, you have interests beyond nightlife.

Step three: Are you getting bogged down in the details? The point of dating is to have fun and learn how to love, so take all this advice with a grain of salt. The important thing is to get started and get out there. There’s so much more to compatibility than a photo, however carefully selected, can tell you, so don’t let the pressure of a good photo be your barrier. And don’t forget that if your photo doesn’t explain all aspects of who you are, other people’s might not either. What someone writes about themselves tells a lot too, and again, you may be pleasantly surprised when you meet a match face-to-face.