Artist Statement

I have been meaning to make a comic on affirmative action for a long time, but I have always hesitated to do so; there are so many perspectives on the issue that I worried I would only add to the noise. However, I feel like that people commonly misunderstand what affirmative action actually does and people overlook how the model minority myth has historically and continues to be problematic. Most Americans do not even know about the legacy clause that lets wealthy Anglo American students into colleges at the expense of people of color. I thought that creating an informational comic about affirmative action and the historical discrimination against Asian Americans would be interesting for others to read and learn from.

About the Artist

Sam Nakahira is a 2019 graduate of Grinnell College and MFA candidate at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Her comics have been published or are forthcoming by the Asian American Writers Workshop, the Rumpus, Popula, and Sukeban Magazine. Since she was a child, she would read books, comics, manga, and graphic novels all day long. Just as her favorite cartoonists and authors have done for her, she aspire to draw stories that transform readers’ worlds, perspectives, and thoughts. She is currently working on a graphic novel around the history of Japanese American farmers and food retailers in California.