Suggestions for pitching to Mochi:

Send a pitch, not just an idea. A pitch includes why a particular story matters to our audience. Even personal essays should be pegged to a larger topic that others can relate to, not just, “This happened to me and I want to write about it.”

Some things to consider:

  • Our mission is to Amplify Asian Voices
  • We’re a destination for Asian American women to share their experiences, stories, and passions. We work to shed light on untold stories and improve representation. 
  • We care about inclusivity, diversity, and the AAPI community. 
  • We’re an approachable brand that was built on the idea of providing resources and a “sister” to other Asian American women.
  • Our readers are mostly female, between the ages of 25-35 years old.

If we accept your pitch, you’ll submit an outline to the editor in chief or executive editor for approval. Then you’ll work with a section editor on polishing your draft. The publication process usually takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish. 

As a volunteer-run publication, we are limited in how much and how quickly we can publish. We try to have a balance between evergreen content and timely stories. 

To run a story more quickly, you can sponsor a Mochi Mini.

You can also join our team as a staff writer if you’re interested in getting more bylines and publishing experience!

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